In year 2000, barangay officials of Paite, San Narciso, Zambales saw the need of putting up a high school in the barangay to cater to the needs of the pupils who have graduated from the nearby elementary schools in the two existing elementary schools in the area:  Balincaguing Elementary School and Paite Elementary School.

          Because of the desire of the barangay folks to help the students have an easy access to basic education, Hon. Benjamin Villegas, the Barangay Captain of Barangay Paite, San Narciso, with his council requested for the creation of secondary school in the vicinity.  With Dr. Cyrilla Manglicmot, District Supervisor of San Narciso District, Hon. William T. Lim, Mayor of San Narciso and Capt. Villegas made a proposal and addressed it to Dr. Ligaya B. Monato, the Schools Division Superintendent at that time.

          After studying the proposal, Dr. Ligaya B. Monato asked Congressman Antonio M. Diaz for the immediate construction of a building to be utilized as classroom for the students.  Without delay, the good Congressman ordered the urgent construction of a twelve (12) classroom building at the boundary of Barangay Paite of San Narciso and Barangay Balincaguing of San Felipe, Zambales.

          As soon as the building was visible and ready to use, the school started its operation in the School Year 2001-2002.  Teachers who were assigned to teach were borrowed teachers from La Paz National High School-Main headed by Mrs. Teresita C. Valdez and Namatacan High School headed by Mrs. Lirio Padrique.  Among the teachers borrowed were Mr. Ramil Carbonel, Mr. Ric A. Rivas, Mr. Perry Evangelista, Mr. Tzaddi R. Tabigne and Mr. Joebert M. Escalera.  By September 2001 Miss Deonetta Gonzales and Mrs. Meriam F. Domulot were hired as municipal funded Teachers by Honorable Mayor William T. Lim.  The following year, other contractual teachers were hired funded by the Municipality of San Narciso and Provincial funded and some were still borrowed from other schools.  The school followed the general curriculum stipulated in the Basic Education Curriculum Primer.

 In 2004, the school operated as a complete secondary school as an extension of La Paz National High School, which incidentally, is located at Barangay. La Paz, San Narciso which is approximately twelve (12) kilometers away from the area.

The year 2008, the supervision of the school was transferred from the DepEd-District of San Narciso to the DepEd-District of San Felipe as a result of the discovery that the school is located within the municipality of San Felipe during the term of Mrs. Ester T. Alumpe as Officer In Charge.  The dispute that resulted from the discovery has been settled between the two leaders of Barangay Paite and Barangay Balincaguing.  Both leaders had expressed their continuous support to the school for the benefits of students from both Barangay.  The possibilities of filing motions to separate the school from its mother school and to rename it into Balincaguing-Paite High School are also taken into considerations.       

In the year 2010, the school was granted a GOVERNMENT PERMIT (PHS) No. O11, s. 2010, Pursuant to the provisions of DepEd Order No. 1, s 2003 and the Republic Act 9155, The PAITE-BALINCAGUING NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL is hereby granted authority to operate the Complete Secondary Course (First to Fourth Year). This is under the supervision of Sir Ernesto Fogata.

In the year 2018, the school also granted the opportunity to offer Senior High School Academic track offering General Academic Strand headed by Ma’am Flor Amor R. Villanueva.

For this year 2023, the school now have 12 teachers: 9 teachers in Junior High School and 3 teachers in Senior High School under the supervision of the School Head Ma’am Donabel N. Feria.